The one-man team multiplies

Today we've gone public with the fact that Emiel Kampen (Prrrpl) has been a member of the Still Here team (which mostly consists of David Smit, with audio by Ramon Kerstens and Arjen Schut) and that he has been helping out for the past year or so.

Emiel has been working in the game-industry for more then 10 years now in various roles. He's done playtesting for Guerrilla Games and game-design for various Dutch gamecompanies like IJsfontein, Little Chicken and Spil Games. He released an innovative local-multiplayer action game mobile game Should Shoot on iOS last year which was met with very positive reviews (4.5/5 stars).

As we're working towards a public release we've started to use more channels such as this one so we can get in touch with our audience.

We've launched a Twitter (@stillheregame), Facebook (, Instagram (@stillheregame) and we've updated our landingpage and presskit ( Please stay tuned for more information on our 2 weekly release cycles! Want to have early acces to our game? We'd love to hear your feedback!


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