New Update: Igor adds new Game-mode, Intro and more!

The latest update of Still Here is called 'Igor' comes with a new game-mode!

Releasing May 30th, the latest update to Still Here provides a lot of new content!
  • Competitive players rejoice! The biggest update is the 'Balloon Rush' mode: a time trial mode where you have to race through stages collecting balloons before they explode!
  • There are also changes to the reward-screens at the end of each stage. You can get one to five stamps depending on your achievements.
  • The Stage-select screen has seen a huge overhaul, making it easier for you to navigate between stages.
  • And finally we've improved the character-movement!
If you're testing the early acces versions of Still Here: Thank you so much and please let us know what you think of these recent additions and changes. If you're not yet playing the game but you are interested please subscribe here.

Want to learn more about this update? We've uploaded a video on Youtube explaining why we changed or added the features as described above, please check it out!

A final special thanks go out everyone who answered the questionnaire we sent around with our previous update!


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